Free and open, justice for all…



Free and open, justice for all…

Welcome! is dedicated to serving the “Justice Community.”  By “Justice Community,” we mean the Courts, prosecutor and public defender offices, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, etc. and also private-sector attorneys, businesses and the public at large.

Our operations and product/service lines are based on the following:

  • Free Software – The software we develop, maintain and support is free, as in “freedom” and as in “no cost.”  This means there are no limits with respect to your use of the software.  1 or 10 locations, 10 or 1,000 users, 1,000 or 1,000,000 cases… it’s up to you, you’re free!
  • Equal Access – Equal access to justice cannot be achieved as long as the “playing field is not level” because the cost associated with access, convenience and empowerment is prohibitive for many.  “Free software,” greatly enhances your ability to “level the playing field” for ALL of your constituents.
  • Open Source and Secure API – The software we develop, maintain and support is “open source” and includes an open, secure, API.  This means that YOU have complete control of your operations and data, rather than being controlled by proprietary software providers.
  • Transparency – It is only with open source software that the public can be assured that their elected and appointed officials are in a position to know… exactly… and properly manage… what is done to and with their constituent’s data.
  • No Moat – With open source/API based software, you are free to develop revisions, enhancements and procure other services from whomever you wish, rather than being forced to deal with one particular service provider.  Nothing fuels innovation and improves products and services more than true competition.
  • No License Fees – Your limited funds should be spent on the services you require to implement/make effective use of software, rather than being used to “purchase” software.
  • No Maintenance Fees – To charge multiple government agencies/departments for the same collection of “bug fixes” and/or for what some of those departments/agencies may consider to be “enhancements,” is ridiculous.
  • No Subscription Fees – “Subscription Fees,” related to non-free/non-open source/API software, are typically nothing more than restructured and renamed software license and maintenance fees.
  • No BS – Service Fees should be commensurate with the level of expertise and effectiveness provided… not a vehicle used to “make up for” lost software fees, via bloated services (“BS”) agreements.
  • Adoption vs Procurement – Typical “procurement processes” are, at best, extremely time consuming and expensive.  Before, during or after yours… we simply ask that you diligently try it our way.  You have nothing to lose.